Hi There!

Welcome to SubtleSTUFF, my name is Caitlin Mary (known online as LacyMartini) and this is MY domain....
Whether you've come here from tumblr, twitter, facebook or google+ you're welcome to chill out and explore the world with me, through my eyes on my personal, professional and academic adventure on the internet ^_^
Quick introduction to the sections of my website:


This is the space where I will post articles and blog posts about what ever I feel like! They could range from anything from current affairs and political issues, to mental health and my own personal struggles and even just nonsense about the world of fandoms and what ever gets my blood boiling. This blog was originally made for a course I did at uni in 2012 called New Communication Technologies, so I've left those posts there so I can always see where I came from originally.



This will be the space where you can find information about ME as well as all my music stuff including (soon hopefully) compositions, arrangements and performances. This will also be where I post all my "vlog" stuff. So as the title says, all the "stuff" goes here.


OKAY this is the space where I will describe what I can do! It isn't finished yet because I can't do a lot of things, but eventually, in this space people can see what I am willing to do in regards to work, see testimonials of what I have done and also request a copy of my CV (if they have an appropriate reason for request of course). 

This section will eventually be, basically, an online resume for potential employers, or anybody interested to have a look at.


Ok, so, I know there isn't much content at the moment, it's definitely a work in progress.
But I am working.... :)

Busy working by the pool...