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Does Singularity Exist?

 Singularity is basically the technological phenomenon of man becoming one with machinery, an idea that sci-fi nerds alike are going nuts over (it's true, we are). There have been some technological breakthroughs recently, on top of the ever growing realm of basement body-hacking ("Cyborg America: inside the strange new world of basement body hackers | The Verge") that are leading some of us sci-fi nerds to think the day of Singularity is soon to be upon us.

In an article by Sue Halpern ("Mind Control & the Internet by Sue Halpern | The New York Review of Books")  she talks about some studies and experiments, that have been done at Brown University and Washington University, about successfully creating the idea of Brain-Computer Interface (BCI). At Washington university, they placed electrodes over the part of the brain that controls speech on a woman and she could then control the cursor on a computer screen, with out producing a single word or sound. Similarly at Brown University a woman who was paralyzed had the ability to move a cursor just by thinking.

This may seem like total sci-fi garbage, but it has been happening for a while now. There is this growing group of people who call themselves “Body-hackers”, the pioneer of this group being the totally insane “Lepht Anonym” ("Cyborg America: inside the strange new world of basement body hackers | The Verge") . Lephts motto is “if you've got a potato peeler and a bottle of vodka, you're right to go!”. These people have been implanting things, like magnets and other organic metals, into their bodies for a few years now and interacting with their environments. Lepht is the pioneer of basement body hacking and you can read about her adventures on her blog. There she discusses  her latest successes/fails and even discusses how she has started to hear voices and what impact her new abilities to interact with her environment are having on her life ("Sapiens Anonym").

It sounds crazy but it is all happening right now! And has been for years. Is singularity right around the corner? Who knows, but if you thought it was all just crazy ideas you read in sci-fi books or saw in films, you'd be mistaken.