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Old Internet Communities and Social Media.

 Like I said in my last post, for me in high school we actually did have communication technologies like mobile phones, MSN Messenger, MySpace and Facebook. I remember the day I first got my MySpace page. There was so much drama about who you put as your top friends, who could get the coolest customised background and who was in the most pictures. Then all of a sudden we were all finally connected on MySpace, and this thing called Facebook comes along. I was the first of my group of friends to convert to Facebook in 2009 and at the time it made MySpace look like old technology, which in the grand scheme of things, it wasn't!


Many people my age consider MySpace to be an old communication medium on the internet, but there were so many more before it like MSN, Friendster and even before that there were the original Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) and Internet Forums.

BBS was basically as it sounds, a bulletin board but on the internet, which became very popular in the early 90's. Before BBS, there were things like “The Community Memory” which was also bulletin board style program in which a user would insert a coin and could type a message into a terminal, as well as read and search public messages (Crosby, 1996). This evolved into the BBS which was predominantly strictly used by computer hobbyists and then again evolved into what we know of today as general internet forums and gaming chat rooms, which adopted a lot of the same qualities.


Given that technology is changing and evolving so rapidly, who's to say that Facbeook won't become apart of the Churn of social media? Personally, I think if Facebook doesn't want to end up like MySpace, Friendster or even the old BBS systems (which are really only used for some online games now) it needs to do something new and fast. There are social media sites like Twitter, Google+ and Tumblr that have already got Facebook in their cross hairs.