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Social Media Survey Response

 So we were asked to do a survey about social media. For the essay I decided to look at bullying and communication, in regards to the comparison of communication interpersonally and through technology. So instead of doing what EVERYBODY does when asked to do a survey about social media, I asked people over the age of 25 the following questions: (or go to survey here)

1) In GENERAL how would you describe your level of knowledge in regards to the internet and/or social media?

2) In GENERAL how would you describe your level of fear and/or anxiety in regards to social media?

3) Do you think you social relationships growing up (in high school specifically) would have been different if you had facebook?

4) Do you think it is "right" for parents to "strictly monitor" (spy) on their childrens social media pages?

5) Do you know anybody personally who has been a victim of cyber bullying? *

6) Do you think that the pressure social media puts on adolescence these days is valid or even exists?

I only used people over the age of 25 because I wanted to get responses from people who didn't grow up in a world with social media and these kinds of communication technologies around. I didn't get enough responses to make any valid assumptions. or conclusions. but the hypotheses that I'd thought of while writing the questions were all “supported”. 

Again, because there were not enough participating subjects, I can't argue or promote the validity of my hypotheses but what I found/thought was that people who answered with a higher knowledge of the internet/social media were also more open and lenient to the ideas of Cyberbullying, media putting pressure on adolescence and had less general fear/anxiety of the internet. Similarly those who said they had a low knowledge of the internet/social media also said they were afraid of it, high school wouldn't have been different at all, it is “right” for a parent to spy on their childs social media pages and they also answered “no” the last two questions.

For the essay I may replicate this survey and try to prove a valid hypothesis. What I did find with this survey the last couple of weeks however, was that all of my preconceived thoughts about social media, and people who use social media, were supported except for age. From the data collected in my survey, age actually held no relevance.