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Who Am I?

Who Am I?

 Who Am I?

So, who am I? I am a musician, a composer, a nerd, a psychology student, a self proclaimed artist, an aspiring writer and blogger. I am a teenager and I am introducing myself.

Obviously, I cannot divulge my entire identity in a mere blog post, but my name is Caitlin Mary Neate and one day I wish to teach people how to think. More than likely you are reading this post because of the course New Communication Technologies (1501HUM), and if not, thanks for following me on Twitter/Tumblr! 

The purpose of this blog is not only predominantly for my New Comm. Tech. class, but it is also to teach myself about blogging and understanding the new communication technologies we have and that are continuing to evolve.


A bit about myself

I am an only child, so growing up I always talked to my parents. We talked about everything and anything. They were very adamant about teaching me to always ask “why” and not merely be satisfied with an answer of “because”. If nobody could tell me, I would have to find an answer myself. Growing up we had many a conversation deep and meaningful, dorky and nerdy, controversial and mature. I thank my parents every day I sit in class now at university and I know  that, thanks to them, I am able to understand, converse and socialise with not just peers of my own age but older and more experienced adults too. I thank them for teaching me to think for myself and realise how important it is to not just blindly follow what I’m told or let people, organisations, "higher powers" or outside sets of codes dictate how I live my life or the perspective through which I see it.


Why the Blog?

So now we are brought here today. At the moment my aim is to hopefully do further studies in psychology and go into the field of research. What specialisation? I don’t know yet, I’m only 17. I do know though, that what ever I do, I want to write about it not just academically, but also for the average person who wants to think. Really challenge people and, for some, open a whole new world.


I chose New Communication Technologies as an elective because I thought it would give me a great start, as well as incentive, to get blogging and start creating my presence on the internet so that when it comes times to seriously express my ideas, theories and research, people will take me seriously regardless of my age, experience or religious affiliation. I hope to use this course to educate myself in new technologies and create a blog that is worth reading.


My name is Caitlin, or KT, and welcome to my blog.



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  1. Nice start mate :)
    Noely of Sunshine Coast
    1 of 41st August 2012, 7.11am
  2. Having known 'my version' of 'you' for over 10 years, it's been really cool to see you evolve and mature. Probably more so in the last year than in the previous 9! Seeing you discover a world outside music and your family is good too... you took a massive step this last 12 months and I think you rock for taking the opportunity by the balls and making the most of it. You appear from the outside looking in to be coping magnificently and thriving on the learning and the evolution of your life & education.

    I for one have no idea how I can regularly get to read this blog without your mother posting it, but I will endeavour to evolve myself and increase my knowledge & awareness in this technical age! ;)

    Keep blogging gorgeous girl & most of all, stay honest. To yourself but also to the world... say what YOU want to say, not just what you think people expect you to say...

    Rock on!

    Kazz :D
    Kazz of Woombye
    2 of 41st August 2012, 3.59pm
  3. Clever girl KT!!! You write beautifully and l look forward to blogging on with you x
    Leone of Coolum Beach
    3 of 41st August 2012, 7.09pm
  4. Go KT!!! Good luck with it all.... :)
    Vikki of Miami
    4 of 41st August 2012, 7.28pm
  5. You cant post on an expired article.

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