This is called a blog.

 /blôg/ Noun - A Web site on which an individual or group of users record opinions, information, etc. on a regular basis.

I can't guarantee the regular part, but I can most definitely guarantee a bucket load of opinions.

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Social Media Meets Music - Video

 I found this super cool video online today, it's like social media (facebook) meets music. I thought it was very cool and definitely gave me some interesting ideas.

Social Media For me is...

Week 2 Tutorial Task Continue reading...

History of Communication - Video

Here is an interesting video about the history of communication. Everybody has seen the socialnomics videos that the whole world went nuts for, well this video is along the similar vain.

What is Communication?

What is communication? Last week I talked about the chicken and the egg idea of the evolution of communication technologies, but what is communication itself? (Week 2 Response Post) Continue reading...

The Chicken Or The Egg?

It’s the age old debate of the Chicken...or the Egg. Which came first? The technology to allow us to communicate like this, or the want/desire/need to communicate like this? (Week 1 Response Post) Continue reading...
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