Music STUFF is the place where I will accumulate my small, but growing, collection of compositions, arrangements and recorded performances.  

My music background includes academic music (school) where I learnt to compose and arrange music; I have experience playing for three different school ensembles (String ensemble, Stage band and Concert band), on various instruments; and exploring my vocal, instrumental and performance skills outside of the school environment. 

I was primarily a trombone player for 7 years but due to a chronic wrist injury I have cut back on trombone and am now focusing on guitar, piano and vocals as well as specialising in composition and arranging.  Many of my compositions and arrangements were previously used for year 11 and 12 music and music extension assignments, however as I have finished high school I am hoping that I will be creating more for fun, rather than academic purposes. 

I will also be recording vocal, piano and guitar covers of songs and uploading them on here when I get around to it. 

Musical Achievements

Some of my favourite moments of being a musician include:

and many many many more but my absolute favourite musical moment would have to be getting the most improved beginner award for cello in grade 11 in 2010, the first senior student to win the award.


Music is one of my greatest passions in life so this space is special to me.

Enjoy :)